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Error: mount: unknown filesystem type ‘ext4’ in Debian

Error: mount: unknown filesystem type ‘ext4′ in Debian

How Error: mount: unknown filesystem type ‘ext4′ came up

Debian Distro LogoAfter a power cycle I couldn’t remount my Truecrypt drives on my Debian server. I stopped the server in a clean manner and I hadn’t done any upgrade. I use a script to mount them so I knew I wasn’t using a different command line… Only the password could have been erroneous as I’m not saving it in the script.

Finding the root cause


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Custom Theme in Jive 6 Community, Flexible Social Sharing

Custom Theme in Jive 6 Community, Flexible Social Sharing


At the time of writing, I am looking after the ARM Connected Community. Not only as Enterprise Community Manager but also system administrator of our Jive community. So, when our members and community owners (the people who own an area in the community) asked for features, I want to see what I could do. If don’t intend to do anything with user feedback, what’s the point in asking for…

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ShareThis Code, Parameters and Customisation

ShareThis Code, Parameters and Customisation

We have a technical community and the company is present on a few social networks. That is what determined the choice of social sharing buttons: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Sina Weibo (for our Chinese audience). You can learn more about my employer social media presence in ARM Social Media.

Social Sharing Icon Tray

Example of Social Sharing Icons Implemented

Once you create your publisher account, and selected your…

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Farniente à Cala Figuera, #Mallorca, #Spain (Taken with Instagram at Port Cala Figuera)

Farniente à Cala Figuera, #Mallorca, #Spain (Taken with Instagram at Port Cala Figuera)

New ARM Architecture Reference Manual RevC released - Free but Reg Req’d - Cortex-A & -R

The only ARM Technical Symposium in Europe is taking place in Paris next week (Thursday 8th December). 

Free to attend, it would be a good occasion to meet the 35 exhibitors, attend the presentation and also meet in person… Why not?

AR: free Webinar today: Rapid High- and Full-Speed USB dev on ARM CortexM MCU by @NXP @LPCZone

I agree, AWESOME Video :D @squadMCU: They’re here! @Freescale Kinetis MCU - AWESOME! Geek ARM Cortex-M4

Alban on ARM Blog: ARM Cortex-M: How to choose your microcontroller? MCU @TxInstruments @LPCZone @Freescale